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The Goodness Guide Signature Program

6 Week Diet & Gut Transformation



Here is the roadmap to health transformation with The Goodness Guide

6 Week Diet & Gut Transformation Course!


You’ll learn about the crucial role of your gut and the impact it has on your overall health. To mastering the foundation diet, this course goes far beyond just digestive issues.

Did you know supporting your gut health can lead to glowing skin, luscious hair, and strong nails, while also boosting your energy and mood?

Learning the power of gut boasting foods, perfect your sleep routine, understand the food you should be eating and master stress management techniques - because true health and wellness starts from within. Whether you're a health novice or a wellness warrior, this course is your roadmap to a vibrant, energised you! More info, click here.

Exclusive pre-order offer for limited time only £129!

Release date: 23rd July 24



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Abi will provide a tailored food, lifestyle and supplement programme alongside functional testing (if needed) to help you achieve optimal health. 

Hire Nutritionist for Work Wellness Workshops

Health has never been more important within the workplace. Optimising productivity, health and happiness can improve job satisfaction. This in turn can lead to the success of a company.

Hire Nutritionist for Collaboration

Whether you're looking for a nutritionist to help create a product, partner with a brand, or create specific blog and social media posts. Abi is passionate about utilising her nutrition knowledge and experience. 

Rebecca, 42, South Wales

“I had a consultation with Abi during my 4th pregnancy. At 42yrs, I was really struggling with low energy. We worked on my gut health and increasing specific vitamins and minerals. Within a couple of weeks of working with Abi I felt great! My overall energy and health was better than any of my other 3 pregnancies. "

Richard, 44, Devon

“For the past 25 years I would get really depressed in the winter. Since working with Abi we focused on improving my gut health. This is the first year I haven’t suffered from depression."

Gillian, 69, Liverpool

“I worked with Abi having suddenly experiencing bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) resulting from a period of extreme stress. Abi was able to isolate the root of these issues and I'm so grateful that the bloating and IBS symptoms have now gone. 

Free Discovery Call
Nutritional Advice

FREE Discovery Call

Abi offers a free 15 minute call where you can discuss your health issues, and will explain the process of the nutritional consultation and functional testing to get you back to optimal health.

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