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When you choose 1-2-1 nutrition consulting services, you can expect a comprehensive and holistic approach to improving your overall well-being. There will be a thorough assessment of your current dietary habits, lifestyle, medical history, and personal goals. This information serves as a foundation for creating a personalised nutrition and supplement plan that suits your individual needs.


  • Pre health questionnaire analysis, whereby you will provide a full medical history and a 3 day food diary.

  • Review of current medications and possible contraindications. 

  • Personalised nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan.

  • Interpretation and analysis of functional tests (if required).

  • 10% Discount off recommended supplements.  

Nutrition Packages

Hire a Nutritionist



The KICKSTARTER package is recommended for clients who want a nutrition overhaul. Are you confused with the abundance of health information out there? Do you feel sluggish? You want to feel the best version of you? This package is for you. 


  • 1x 90 minute initial consultation

  • 3 x 30 min weekly coaching calls

  • Email support as required (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Package to be used within 6 weeks.

Cost: £450


RESET (3 Months)

The RESET package is recommended for clients experiencing acute health complaints such as; constipation, bloating, low mood and low energy.


  • 1x 90 minute initial consultation

  • 4 x 30 min bi- weekly progress calls

  • Email support as required (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Package to be used within 6 months.


Cost: £575

(Payment plans are available)


TRANSFORM (6 Months)

The TRANSFORM package is recommended for clients with chronic health complaints such as; long covid, crohn's, colitis and chronic fatigue syndrome.


  • 1x 90 minute initial consultation

  • 8 x 30 min bi-weekly progress calls

  • Email support as required (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Package to be used within 6 months.

Cost: £950

(Payment plans are available)

Free Discovery Call
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FREE Discovery Call

Abi offers a free 15 minute call to discuss your health issues and help you decide the best package for you. She will also explain the process of the consultations and what to expect from your personalised plans.

Rebecca, 42, South Wales

“I had a consultation with Abi during my 4th pregnancy. At 42yrs, I was really struggling with low energy. We worked on my gut health and increasing specific vitamins and minerals. Within a couple of weeks of working with Abi I felt great! My overall energy and health was better than any of my other 3 pregnancies. "

Richard, 44, Devon

“For the past 25 years I would get really depressed in the winter. Since working with Abi we focused on improving my gut health. This is the first year I haven’t suffered from depression."

Gillian, 69, Liverpool

“I worked with Abi having suddenly experiencing bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) resulting from a period of extreme stress. Abi was able to isolate the root of these issues and I'm so grateful that the bloating and IBS symptoms have now gone. 

  • How does the programme work?
    You will have full access to a 6 week course. It is recommended that you follow the course on a week by week basis. It is better to introduce small long lasting habits. The best thing about the course is that you can pace yourself. For example, if you want to take more than 1 week on each module, then please do so. The goal of the course is for you to experience health benefits and to make lifestyle changes.
  • I have IBD (Crohn's/ Colitis) shall I do this course?
    This course will be beneficial, however, due to the individual support that is needed for an IBD client. I would recommend a 1:1 Program, click here.
  • Should I consult my Doctor before I start this course?
    Every individual is different, so if you're concerned due to a specific medical condition, or prescription drugs you're taking, please do consult with your doctor.
  • Will I need to go on a restrictive diet?
    Absolutely not, it's about making healthy changes and introducing nourishing foods to create a healthy environment for your body to flourish.
  • Is this course refundable?
    Due to the access of you receiving the complete course and online materials, this course is non refundable.
  • Do I have to do pay for additional testing?
    Not necessarily, functional testing is recommended with certain symptoms and conditions, testing will incur an additional cost. However, if you don't have the budget we can still make big improvements with the personalised protocol!
  • How long does it take to see results from working with a nutritionist?
    If you follow the protocol, I would expect to see initial improvements within a couple of weeks.
  • Do I need to prepare anything in advance?
    Yes, I will send a pre questionnaire to fill out in advance. The questionnaire will ask for your full medical history, and a 3 day food diary. This helps me prepare notes in advance to our initial consultation.
  • What will happen during the initial consultation?
    During your 90 minute consultation I will ask in depth questions about your full medical history, health issues and lifestyle. The more information I have the better results for you!
  • What will happen after the initial consultation?
    I will put together a personalised protocol for you. This will include a nutrition plan, supplements and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Where do the consultations take place?
    All online using zoom.
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